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Transform your Bergen County NJ business with a cloud based VoIP phone system. VoIP offers the flexibility, affordability and reliability you need for your business communications. 

Is Your Current Phone System Eating Up Your Profits And Causing You More Problems Than It’s Worth?


Intro To VoIP

The rate of change in today’s business world continues to increase rapidly. Technologies and applications are continually evolving and offer more productivity potential than any other time in the history of business. However, despite all of these advances, conducting business still requires two or more people talking in real-time to discuss and cVoIP Phone System Bergen County NJlose deals. Voice over IP (VoIP) allows New Jersey businesses to clearly and efficiently communicate both internally and externally with vendors and customers. It facilitates one-to-one discussions, as well as conference calls that lead to improved collaboration in any environment. Whether a single Bergen county office or larger multi-location business, VoIP provides a seamless solution that quickly scales as the business grows. It delivers feature-rich functionality, along with one of the most cost-effective ways to communicate.

The VoIP Advantage

VoIP provides a wide range of advantages for Bergen county businesses over a PBX, key system or legacy telco system. VoIP eliminates the hassle and expense of owning and operating a phone system. Users simply connect new office phones to their existing networks—and access high-quality calls, advanced features, and easy management for one low monthly price. These features include find me/follow me, call park, call recording and many more. Additionally, VoIP eliminates long-distance charges for domestic North American calls and reduces rates for international calls—making it the most cost-effective option for growing businesses.

Hosted Voice over IP

Eliminate the hassle and expense of owning and operating your own phone system. With Hosted Voice over IP (VoIP), simply connect your new office phones to your existing network—and access high-quality calling, advanced features, and easy management for one low monthly price. As a provider of Cytracom VoIP, we deliver the business phone you know and love in a straightforward system that just works—and is ready to start working now.

Advanced Features
Get big-business features in a phone system that’s easy to use and right-sized for your company. Some of the most popular features include:

• Auto Attendant                               • Voicemail to Email
• Mobile Integration                           • Call Recording
• Ring or “Hunt” Groups                     • Call Conferencing
• Find Me/ Follow Me                         • Holiday Routing
• Call Center                                     • Centralized Device Management
• Softphone Support

Phones that Evolve
Switch to a phone system that keeps up with your business. Through Cytracom’s Evolve program, you get new, upgraded devices every 36 months. This guarantees you always have the latest firmware and hardware updates. Plus, it covers full warranties—so if anything happens before your upgrade, we replace the phone for free.

No Contracts
Simplify your budget with predictable month-to-month plans. The Cytracom phone service, when sold and serviced by Certified Cytracom partners, does not require a long-term contractual commitment.

Local Support
As your MSP, we are available to help you configure, install and manage your phone system. Then, Genesis Network Group adds an additional layer of care with US-based support engineers available 24×7 to troubleshoot and resolve any issues that may arise.


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