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Empower yourself and your business. Let us set up a system that will allow your employees to always have access to your network from anywhere in the world.
There are many ways you can help employees be more productive and work more efficiently. Using remote connectivity will allow then to perform their best, whether working from home or from halfway around the world.
Genesis Network Group, LLC remote connectivity services make it easy to set up your systems so that your employees can access your network from anywhere, at any time. Boosting employee productivity by allowing them to work from ‘wherever’ guarantees positive changes in your business operations. Our steadfast approach in understanding your business needs will help determine the solutions that will best suit your company’s needs.


Genesis Network Group provides you with customized IT support services that will best suit the needs of your individual working environment.
Genesis Network Group, LLC offers many different types of managed service agreements to meet the demands and needs of your ever changing business. We offer customized monthly service packages as well as bundled periods of support and other forms of comprehensive service agreements that can creatively and effectively keep your company’s systems maintained and running smoothly.
Many factors play a part in defining the appropriate level of support your organization could most benefit from. The size of your business, management policies and procedures, the hardware and software you use, the number of end users, and the overall structure and culture you have created in the workplace are just a few of them. Genesis Network Group, LLC will work closely with you and your employees to fully understand your corporate environment. Together we will identify the most suitable support arrangement for you.


From anywhere in the world, it’s like you are sitting in front of your own computer.
Generally, the progressive concept of cloud computing services means Internet – based computing. Genesis Network Group, LLC can host your servers or applications in a secure data center on the Internet. This cutting edge concept would allow you to access your data and desktop functions from anywhere in the world. Most importantly, you can rest assured knowing this is all done via a secure web portal.
This cost effective technology can save your business thousands of dollars by helping you to eliminate costly computer expenses and pricey hardware. Let us help you determine if this service is right for your organization.


Let us monitor your server 24/7. We will identify all risks and problems BEFORE they become catastrophic and your business becomes disrupted.
Imagine your dismay and frustration of going into the office one morning only to discover that your server went down overnight and your systems are now not accessible. By allowing us to monitor your machines and various other critical network functions that aid in smooth operations, all of this aggravation could be avoided.
Our Network and System Monitoring services help to keep downtime to a minimum and to insure that your systems are reliably performing with nominal interruption.
In the event that something troublesome does occur, we then take every measure to ensure the problem is rectified quickly and efficiently.


Life and weather are forever unpredictable. Genesis Network Group unprecedented business continuity solutions are vital in order to preserve your data if disaster were to strike.
We want you back up and running…FAST.
The protection and security of your data is our priority. Do not become a statistic when it comes to data loss. We offer a comprehensive bergen county data back up and protection solution that will allow you to maintain complete data integrity, both onsite and offsite. Regardless of any failure or catastrophe, your data remains safe, recoverable at all times.


Considered the future of IT, you can create a virtual machine that acts like a real computer with an operating system.
Virtualization technology can allow one physical system to operate as multiple virtual systems. This will save on time and money by requiring less hardware, less cooling demands and increased energy efficiency. Together we can discuss if this is the right service for you.



Allow us to plan and design the network that meets your needs and the needs of all of your end users. This valuable service will result in greater efficiency and productivity for your company.
We make it a priority to completely understand the state of your business. From there, thorough and precise steps are taken to formulate the most effective plan for your company’s network composition. Always with your goals and budget in mind, we will plan and develop the perfect network for you and your organization.



More than just daily support, let us help you prepare for the future.
With the evolving and ever changing nature of technology, Genesis Network Group, LLC’s forward thinking will always keep you ahead of the game. We forever remain current and stay on top of the latest trends within the field of technology. Technological advancement continues to be a main focus of ours. As we continue to soar, so will you.



Keep your business YOUR business. With all of the essential information stored on your network, you want to feel secure knowing that only authorized individuals can access it.
Firewalls, encryption and access controls are just some of the many tools used to obtain network security. We work with you to fully understand the security requirements of your industry and you business and from there design a solution that effectively secures your critical data.


Go wireless. The newest technological alternative to a computer / Local Area Network (LAN). Seamless, wireless communication… that is the goal here. Using radio frequencies to transmit data between devices (laptops,printers, mobile devices), Genesis Network Group will assist in streamlining all communication.


Secure and spam-free communication is a necessity for all businesses. No longer be distracted and slowed down by spam, nor idle due to viruses. Our powerful spam and virus protection solution can be easily installed and activated, preventing viruses, malware, spam and other threats BEFORE they hit.


Voice communication over the Internet. A valuable and powerful tool in today’s business world.
VoIP, or Voice Over the Internet, allows for a practical telecom tool in this modern day. By using IP instead of a traditional telephone, you encounter significant cost savings on normal long distance and international phone charges. Other features of VoIP include voicemails being emailed to you, or sent to your computer. You can program your phone to ring to another number, auto attendant functionality, and various rerouting configurations. Talk to us today about your many cost saving and time saving options.


For as dependent as we have all become on email, organization of your business correspondence is more critical then ever.
Free up space and time and improve performance with email archiving. Genesis Network Group offers you various services which will allow you to store, locate and recover email messages quickly and efficiently. Let us help you simplify and expedite the process.