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What Is A Network & Security Assessment? 

At GNG we provide the top Network Monitoring & Bergen County NJ IT Support Services. This includes an in-depth network security assessment. The purpose of a network security assessment is to keep your network, devices, and sensitive data secured from unauthorized access by discovering potential attack vectors from inside and outside of your internal network.

Additionally, you may have a regulatory responsibility to do them, depending on your industry. For example, credit card processors need to comply with PCI DSS and health care organizations need to comply with HIPAA.it support services bergen county nj

Network assessment is the collective measures done to analyze, study and gather data about a network with the purpose of ascertaining its health in accordance with the network/organization requirements. Network assessment works through a     systematic process where a computer network is analyzed for:

  • Security
  • Implementation of control 
  • Availability 
  • Management 
  • Performance
  • Each node of a network (Workstation & Servers)
  • Network control
  • Network monitoring processes
  • Assess the organization’s needs
  • Train the employees accordingly

The data is gathered, vulnerabilities and threats are identified, and a formal assessment report is sent to and discussed with the  network administrators, CEO or business owner. For some examples of the numerous reports we produce and to receive our Free report “7 Urgent Security Protections Every Business Should Have In Place Now”  Find it all here. 

If you would like to investigate how secure your network is just fill out the form on this page with some additional information for your Free Network & Security Assessment or Contact Us Here  

Evan if you already have an IT Consultant sometimes having a second opinion can uncover small issues that become larger issues.