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Genesis Network Group, LLC is a full-service IT Support Company that brings current technology solutions to Bergen County NJ business.

IT Support Services Bergen County NJOutsourced IT services are proven to directly contribute to the operational efficiency, profitability and resultant success of businesses. With Genesis Network Group, LLC proactive approach, comprehensive service offerings, and proven expertise, we are considered a trusted IT Support partner by all of our clients.

Since 1995, Genesis Network Group, LLC has been providing convenient, fast, expert IT support services to Bergen County businesses and surrounding New Jersey areas. As an IT Managed Service Provider (MSP), we utilize proactive monitoring, rapid intervention, and maintenance to immediately take care of any concerns that arise.

What would you do if you lost all your data? Studies show that 70% of small to medium size businesses who suffer a catastrophic data loss close their doors within one year. Many relied on data backup, giving them a false sense of security. When disaster struck, they couldn’t recover fast enough and closed their doors.  We can keep your business up and running even if your server is down, damaged or destroyed. That’s total protection!

Our cloud solutions include Microsoft Office 365 installations and conversions, Cloud Servers to meet every need, File Sharing Hosting for instant collaboration, Managed Web Hosting, High-availability Web Hosting, and Advanced SPAM Filtering which can effectively eliminate up to 99.9% of SPAM before it ever reaches your inbox.

Experience what it is like to work with us by signing up for our FREE Technology Assessment for qualified Bergen County businesses & Passaic County businesses. We’ll review your entire IT operations and give you a detailed, written report showing you where the opportunities for improvement are and more importantly—what you can do to fix them. 

There’s absolutely no obligation on your part and the report is yours to use how you choose.

Our Mission As A New Jersey IT Support Service

Think Outside The Box – Genesis Network Group, LLC is dedicated to new methods and experiences – not simply relying on the idea that “this is how it’s always been done.” Before asking “why,” we try asking “why not?” to see if we can’t find more exciting, engaging methods of solving problems.

Enjoy Every Day – If you don’t love what you do, why do it? Having fun isn’t a way of avoiding responsibility. It’s an attitude that views every experience as a refreshing challenge. We approach our work with positivity and enthusiasm and hope to impart some of that to every client we work with.

Do The Right Thing – Honesty, integrity, kindness, and dedication are integral to the Genesis Network Group, LLC Mission. Too many companies know what’s right – but they don’t do it. We know that anything worth doing is worth doing right. From our employees to our community to our clients, we temper every action with a simple question: is this the way we would want to be treated?

Choose To Be Extraordinary – Anyone can hire a run-of-the-mill, average company to deliver run-of-the-mill, average results. Genesis Network Group, LLC refuses to produce work that is mediocre, uninspired, or simply ordinary. We understand that being extraordinary is a choice. After all, our clients deserve no less.

Make A Difference In Other People’s Lives – Whether it’s the partnerships we’ve built in our community, the way we treat each other in the office, our interactions with our clients, or the products that we offer – we are dedicated making a positive impact. Anyone who deals with Genesis Network Group, LLC should come away from the experience feeling enriched. 



Look at what some of our customers have to say!

My experience with Genesis Network Group, LLC has been great. It all started when our old system started to crash and they came to our rescue even though we were not clients at the time. There was no hesitation or complaints. Of Course, knowing they would be there for us when they didn’t even have to make me very comfortable with going forward to having a new system installed. As far as price is concerned, my experience has shown me that I would rather pay more for excellent service. I have in the past dealt with many cheaper IT Consultants that are happy to install new systems and then are very difficult to find when some glitch needs to be worked out. Genesis Network Group, LLC took the time to make sure they configured our new system to meet our specific needs, which is priceless to me. In addition, they took the time to shop around for the most cost-effective solution for us and arranged are very aggressive lease payment for us.”    -Mary Oxford, Suburban Title & Abstract, Inc.

“The real hallmark of any company is the people who represent it, work hard to make it better, take pride in what they do and always put the clients first above all else and that is my definition of Genesis Network Group, LLC. I rely on them and they always exceed my expectations for SERVICE, SERVICE, SERVICE- try them and be surprised.”    – Justin A. DiPisa, Century Pharmacy

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